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Salafiyah Islamic Boarding House
And Modern Islamic Boarding House
            Islamic boarding house is one of kinds Islam education in Indonesia which having the characterf traditional to penetrate religion of Islam and to realize as the way of life. Islamic boarding house was admitted as a education institute which had join to develop nation life.
            In Indonesia there are many kinds of Islamic boarding house such as salafiyah and modern Islamic boarding house. Both of them have similarity in their characteristics that are:
1.      Kyai as a leader in Islamic boarding house.
2.      Santri stay at boarding house study with kyai or ustadz/ ustadzah.
Even though between salafiyah and modern Islamic boarding house have similarity, both of them have differences.
The obvious difference between salafi and modern is the studying object. In the Salafiyah Islamic boarding house santri study using classic holly book or called Kitab Kuning. It is as a literature and doctrine of kyai in salafiyah Islamic boarding house. Whereas in modern Islamic boarding houses often use Kitab Kuning. They more often use books contemporary Arabic language literature.
In addition there is a great disparity in the method of learning between salafiyah and modern Islamic boarding house. In the salafiyah Islamic boarding house still use method in the last time period, those are sorogan and weton. Sorogan is learning that is asked by santri for the kyai, in order to teach some classic holly books. Whereas weton is learning that come from kyai to teach santri . some of the material are Nahwu (syntax), Shorof (Morphology), Fiqh (Law), and Tauhid(Theology).
In contrast the method of learning in modern Islamic boarding house mote prioritizes for formal school system and to emphasize in modern language Arabic such as speaking (nuhawaroh). Whereas method in the last time period had not used again, if still there is Islamic boarding house that use these system it is very rare. Although like that in modern Islamic boarding house it is still to defend. NU traditionals like tahlil, qunut and yasinan.
Finally Islamic boarding house is one of the kinds education in Indonesia that had been given big contribution in the field education in Indonesia especially in Salaf and Modern Islamic boarding house. And may it be so develop than now.

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