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Reduce our stress

The Way to Reduce Our Stress by Eating
        Stress is a condition where people will be more sensitive and can influence daily life. For example people will be easily angry with people are who always with them. Beside that, stress can also make people more easily infected by diseases, such as hypertension, headache, and stomachache.
        Many people do activities when they have a problem that can increase stress, such as sleep, traveling, and eating. Some people choose to eat, because when they eat many kinds of food, they think they can forget, but if the selection is incorrect, the result is the problem will become more complicated. Some foods can make more stress are:
1.     Energy Drinks.
We can buy these in market, because many shops that sale them. The drink contains high coffee and sugar, which can increase our stress.
2.    Spicy Foods
If we have stress, we get problem with our stomach and digestion, if we eat spicy food we will get stomachache, become bloated, and uncomfortable. So that, the result is we will get more stress.
3.    Sweet foods
It can cause more stress because food that contains lets sugar like ice cream, candy and chocolate can make insulin in our body increase.
4.    Coffee    
Caffeine that is contained in coffee can make us more active, lack composure and we may find it difficult to sleep, our body needs rest, so we will be more stressed.
Those are some foods that can make us feel stress and become uncomfortable. Other foods that can make us to reduce our stress are:
1.     Black Tea
It contains caffeine too but can make us are more calm, and we can enjoy it with people who drink other kind of beverages like coffee.
2.    Avocado
Avocado can to reduce hypertension, because avocado contains potassium.
3.    Spinach
Spinach contains magnesium that can reduce headache which appear because of stress.
Those are some foods that can we eat when we feel stress. We must be careful when we choose food.

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